Relaxing No Touch Massage Plano 75093

What is a SoQi Massage?  The best power nap around   So means Solar Qi means Life Force,  providing a natural healing from within. Like what you’ve read? Book your treatment here, under Massage aka SoQi Massage. Imagine receiving a: > Relaxing energic lymphatic massage > Mini spinal alignment > 30 minute non impact aerobic workout […]


Preferred Customer Program with LifeWave Stem Cell Patch

This program allows you to purchase your patches at wholesale.  In additon, sample other patches for free, earn loyalty reward points, and earn points by telling family and freinds. Here are the FOUR Great Reasons to become a Preferred Customer and receive wholesale pricing. One time Sign up of $19.95  to receive wholesale pricing on […]


Home Care LED Skin Care Spa

For a deep pore cleanse at the end of the day for a glowing complexion tomorrow PreCleanse – Cleanser – Exfoliant – Treatment – Toner – Moisturizer Free Home Care Consultations – book yours today here! under consultations ***To, ensure you get Dermalogica Products Vs knock-offs, order yours here.   STEP 1: Remove Makeup from Eyes […]


Home Care by LED Skin Care Spa

After your consultation we make home care recommendations beginning with cleansing your skin deeply and properly. Step 1 PreCleanse – removes impurities from today, yesterday and last week! Step 2 Cleansing suggestions based on you skin type and issues have been made. Here are your cleansing options Treatments >>> our recommendations do change based on […]



My scars have noticeably lightened’ I’ve been using the X39™ for the past couple of weeks using the recommended placements. I have 2 scars under and next to my belly button… I’ve had these scars since September when I had surgeries. I’m a neuromuscular myonetics specialist so I can feel the scar tissues on the […]


LifeWave X39 Technology

  If you are Hurting, Can’t Sleep, Losing your hair, Losing Muscle, Low in Energy, Slow to recover from Work Outs, suffer from slow Wound Healing, Wake up Stiff and Sore, Losing Flexibly and Joint Mobility,  Losing your cognition? Try the patch, what have you got to lose? Worth a try?  X-39 LifeWave Patch Learn […]


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