Month: May 2019

FAQ of LED Skin Care Spa

Frequently asked questions 1.  Will I be red and irritated tonight or tomorrow after my facial? – No 2.  Will I peel? – No, you might flake but NOT PEEL. 3.  Can I wear makeup after my facial? – Yes 4.  Can I go in the sun?  Yes and No Yes, As with everyday activities  your […]


True Science Skin Care by Life Vantage

True Science Skin Care by Life Vantage Frequently Asked Questions  –  True Science Beauty system What makes our True Science Beauty System different? + Tests were conducted on the combination of all our ingredients + Proven scientifically to stop free radicals from attacking our collagen and elastin + Protects cells with NrF2 activation + Affordable […]


Pets, Dogs, Cats, Horses

Oxidative Stress Diseases Pub Med and Oxidative Stress This is what helped us…Little Yellow Pill Pub Med on the Little Yellow Pill The RESEARCH on Anti-Aging and the Little Yellow Pill National Institute of Aging Yes and it works on humans too! Balding or Thinning hair?  See the hair success with True Science Hair Care […]


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