Stay ahead of your acne
without drugs or aggressive treatments

Get your Glow on Facial + LED

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Non-Invasive, No Downtime, No Recovery
We’re talking GAME CHANGER with no drugs

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et your Glow on Facial + LED

Our Signature Acne Facial
“Get your Glow on” is a game changer!

We “kill it” from the Inside Out.
We have no competition
Follow our “In Home” protocol, and you’ll have success!
With no medications! Get started today, don’t delay!

LED Anti Acne/Aging facials begin with a deep pore cleanse,  a chemical peel, extractions, masque, “Medical Grade” LED light treatment, Moisturiser/SPF.
Your skin is left glowing, smooth, brighter, and results continue for days!|
LED Skin Care Spa is “Light Years” ahead of the rest.

1500 LED Lights are no match for hand helds, masques or floppy discs.

Blue LED Light TreatmentRed LED light treatment

Best Acne Facial that delivers fast and effective results