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Back Acne Facial Treatment

Back Acne Facial  Treatment –  30 or 60 minutes Book yours today! Back Acne Facial Treatment 30 minute back clearing treatment or 60 minutes for more severe acne issues. This Deep pore softening cleanse begins prepping your back for our acne bacteria liquifying chemical peel (amazing how this works) extractions, masque, moisturizer. Fades away post […]


Back Facial + Chem Peel + LED

The most comprehensive back facial in the industry. Fully customized for your issues including: Double Cleanse + Chemical Peel + Extractions + Masque + LED + Moisturizer 1500 LED lights clears acne, fades acne pigmentation AND scarring. Book Today “Get your Glow on Back Facial + LED” “Everything else is just a toy” |Dr. Glen […]


LED Facial

LED Skin Care Spa (LSCS) offers LED Facials for Acne and Aging Skin. The science is in! The facts are clear The research on LED for skin rejuvenation is not  just fad!  LSCS has been perfecting our LED Facial treatments and protocols since 2007 an LED Facial takes a “facial” to a whole new level! […]


LED Skin Care Spa – Shop Here

Skin Care at Home Skin Home Care – What to use  and for what skin concern  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liquid Collagen Bio Cell infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate use Referral Code 250050 to get $10 off your 1st order – order here Award Winning and Patents Backed by Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology, Liquid BioCell® goes beyond […]


Jump Start with LED Skin Care Spa

What makes LED Skin Care Spa stand out from all the rest?  LIGHT technologies.  LED light works form the INSIDE OUT to change and transform skin without injections, pills or surgery. From the age of 25 we begin to lose collagen, a major protein in the body. And by the age of 5 we lose […]


Home Care LED Skin Care Spa

For a deep pore cleanse at the end of the day for a glowing complexion tomorrow PreCleanse – Cleanser – Exfoliant – Treatment – Toner – Moisturizer Free Home Care Consultations – book yours today here! under consultations ***To, ensure you get Dermalogica Products Vs knock-offs, order yours here.   STEP 1: Remove Makeup from Eyes […]


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