Power of the Patch

Aging, is not about how your look, but,
HOW YOU FEEL – Do you feel your age?
We age all over, and not from just the chin up

LED Skin Care Spa is not about another
supplement, cream, or machine

We provide real “Inside Out” solutions
that are easy to implement and affordable!

Inside Out Aging
reflects our skin, hair, energy etc.

Yes, our solution is recordable, validated, proven
to change you from within

Today we are sharing how

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From Head to Toe, and from the “Inside Out”
Good-bye to father time

Skin is a reflection of your INNER AGE – examples

Retail $149 for 30 Patches
Wholesale $99 for 30 Patches+ 1x – $19.95
($19.95 gets you 5 months of “other Patche Types”)
see patch types below
6th month – pick a pack of 30 patches for free – from the samples sent
Click here and you’re ready to order
30 days from this order, you’ll receive your patches
Call or Text me with questions – 972-378-0291, Vicki
List of Patches
remember on the 6th month you get a FREE PACK of 30 patches
Excluding an x39 or x49

X39 – activating your healthy stem cells – daily use
X49 – muscle growth, fat loss, cardiovascular – daily use

Aeon – anti-aging, stress relief & inflammation – a favorite

Glutathione – detoxification and anti-aging

Carnosine – skin repair and anti-aging

Energy Enhancers – steady, focused energy

IceWave – immediate pain relief

Silent Nights – deeper, more restful sleep

SP6 Complete – appetite control

Alavida Skin Care system skin care system – a favorite

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