Month: June 2024

LED Facial

LED Skin Care Spa (LSCS) offers LED Facials for Acne and Aging Skin. The science is in! The facts are clear The research on LED for skin rejuvenation is not  just fad!  LSCS has been perfecting our LED Facial treatments and protocols since 2007 an LED Facial takes a “facial” to a whole new level! […]


Acne Facial Plano 75093

Stay ahead of your acne without drugs or aggressive treatments Get your Glow on Facial + LED under Specials Non-Invasive, No Downtime, No Recovery We’re talking GAME CHANGER with no drugs Book Here under -Specials Get your Glow on Facial + LED Our Signature Acne Facial “Get your Glow on” is a game changer! We […]


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