Month: October 2016

Hyaluronic Acid and Dr. Oz

What do baby’s skin and HA have in common?  Everything. We’re born plump, firm and hydrated because we are full of Hyaluronic Acid. Why do we hurt, why does our skin look crepey and dry?  We are drying up from the Inside Out.  Find a great source for a bio-available HA and you’ve pretty much […]


Alkalize or Die

Dr. Baroody’s comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to over acidity in the system. By following the guidelines in this book you can evaluate your alkaline/acid situation, determine a course of correction, and achieve a high level of vitality and strength. Includes a 21 day meal plan. Order […]


Blue LED light for Newborns.

Blue LED light treatments safe enough for newborns. “Light therapy is used to treat cases of neonatal jaundice[27] through the isomerization of the bilirubin and consequently transformation into compounds that the newborn can excrete via urine and stools. A common treatment of neonatal jaundice is the bili light.


LED for Eczema

LED for Eczema Even though eczema is a catch-all term for many different symptoms, these symptoms are very much alike in appearance. The common characteristic is inflamed skin, which is usually accompanied by severe itching. Learn more here


Pub Med Study

Pub Med study, An assessment of the efficacy of blue light phototherapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris. > 8 out of 10 people suffer with Acne vulagris > Blue light LED we used to evaluate this study > 21 patients > Significant improvement > Blue light work in managing acne See full study here. […]



Well, I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but the side effects can be worse than the cure.  Accutane is a very toxic drug.  Many people get through it just fine initially and many don’t. The lucky ones experience the side effects fast, early in their taking of the drug.  That means they […]


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