Acne Triggers

Acne: Triggers, Types and Treatments

Understanding Acne, its triggers, types of acne and how various treatments for acne, that work, you’ll be further ahead than more.  Here are the Stats on Acne as of 2011. More than 60 million Americans suffer from acne between the ages of 12 and 24. One in four adults between 24happy, healthy people and 44 are still burdened by it, and it can start as late as your 20’s and 30’s, however, only 11% seek help. Regardless of age, gender or race acne is a persistent, embarrassing menace leaving discoloration and disfiguring acne scars.

Adult acne in women (20’s and 40’s) is on the rise and is more persistent than teenage acne. As the skin ages the skin loses its ability to repair itself leaving acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Dermatologists term this as “persistent acne” and it is associated with combination skin types causing increased sensitivity, redness and inflammation around the jaw line, chin and neck. Research is showing this type of persistent acne is stress induced and triggered by hormones. Chronic, continual stress increases the hormone cortisol which leads to an increase in oil production AND weight gain around the tummy.

Acne triggers include most or these issues below.  Consider making some “life style” changes and watch your skin change in time.

In addition to STRESS induced acne other TRIGGERS include: Heredity, Cosmetics, Environment, Medication, additional Hormones, Friction, Picking, and Industrial Oil and Chemical exposure known as Chloracne, DIET and the body’s INABILITY to eliminate acidic toxic BUILT up WASTE.

Most acne professionals and companies offer lotions and potions  that provide acne treatments for the skin only. At the LED Skin Care Spa we are different. We look at the internal factors too, an “inside out” philosophy, as a major contributor to acne.  Weight gain, hormonal imbalances, a toxic colon, disease and dehydration are some other things to consider.

Regardless of your age, gender or race toxins build up in the blood, and get recycled over and over and over again. The body, through its elimination processes (liver, kidneys and lymph) become over worked and dehydrated and can’t eliminate efficiently.  Drinking caffeinated drinks, alcohol and not enough hydrating water will inhibit your bodies ability to cleanse itself.  Your body needs hydration and only water can provide that.  Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily.  100 pound person drinks 50 ounces daily.

The only OTHER WAY the body can eliminate these toxins and acid build up is through the skin. Because toxins have no other place to go they begin to accumulate in the body as cellulite, and or push through the skin as acne, rashes, pigmentation, psoriasis, eczema, , etc. What ever your GENETIC WEAKNESS is, it will show up as one of these symptoms.

Our “inside out” philosophy is also a Preventive Vs. Reactive philosophy. With over 60% to 90% of all illnesses related to stress, CHRONIC STRESS can only exacerbate your health and the body’s ability to eliminate toxic ACIDIC waste and HEAL!!!

Your best acne treatment or acne treatments are really you and your ability to REDUCE STRESS and the ELIMINATION of TOXINS you have accumulated THROUGH THE YEARS. Your plumbing or digestive system is over 70% of your immune system. If you clean this up, you’ll clean up your skin, your blood, your liver, your kidneys and your lymphatic system. Yes its work, but well worth it. One day, one cell at a time you begin to turn the hands of time around. Your body has the ability to FIGHT INFECTION (the bacteria inside your pores) HEAL FASTER (less redness and inflammation equals less pigmentation issues) and ELIMINATE TOXINS (cellulite).

Learning how to RELAX and BREATHE DEEPLY will greatly increase your HEALTH. Daily ELIMINATION for the health of your LARGEST ORGAN your SKIN is necessary for skin to be clear and blemish free. Pale, Green, Yellow or Gray skin tones could be your FIRST indication that your INTERNAL HEALTH is beginning to waiver. Pay attention to the many RED FLAGS the body is giving you that something is wrong. Sleeping soundly, waking up rested, having energy throughout the day and living with CLEAR rash and blemish free skin are all signs your #1 investment, YOU, is healthy and on the right road towards future health and well-being. Skin is a true reflection of your internal health.

So, what would you do if you were handed $50,000? Travel? Buy a new car, boat, motorcycle? How about investing in YOU? Your #1 asset. Take care of your body today, and you’ll be around to do all the things you have always dreamed about. So, let’s get started.



WATER, your #1 supplement – learn more  at  Hydrate Today watch all the videos understand pHpH Foods
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NUTRITION, your ability to absorb it all. WATER eliminates waste and toxic, acidic build up REMOVING ACID WASTE is MORE IMPORTANT than DIET or EXERCISE

Understand why MicroClustered, pH balanced, Ionized water works on the colon.
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RELAXATION is so important for your well being.  Consider yourself a Zebra being chased by a lion.  Keeping that level of “Fright and Flight” in your life, your body WILL begin to break down. Take time for you, your life depends on it.  

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