Month: February 2022

Stem Cell Patch – LifeWave X39

Reverse Aging > Longer Lifespan > Longer Health span > Wellness > Health backed by clinical trials, blood work, patents and more. To learn more watch this > video Like what you saw and heard? Or order yours today > Retail OR Wholesale $149 Retail or $99 Wholesale and heard? slow connection?  call 866-202-0065  M-F […]



My scars have noticeably lightened’ I’ve been using the X39™ for the past couple of weeks using the recommended placements. I have 2 scars under and next to my belly button… I’ve had these scars since September when I had surgeries. I’m a neuromuscular myonetics specialist so I can feel the scar tissues on the […]


LifeWave X39 Technology

  If you are Hurting, Can’t Sleep, Losing your hair, Losing Muscle, Low in Energy, Slow to recover from Work Outs, suffer from slow Wound Healing, Wake up Stiff and Sore, Losing Flexibly and Joint Mobility,  Losing your cognition? Try the patch, what have you got to lose? Worth a try?  X-39 LifeWave Patch Learn […]


LifeWave X39 stem cell activation

Stem Cell Activation in a Patch! Aging bodies lose the ability to regenerate, heal, recover from injury and activities.  Imagine regenerating your body aka “stem cells” via a patch.  Welcome to the 21st century!  Hear about about the science and technology here… Over 20 years in development and more patents on the way. Just start your […]


X49 patch released Jan. 2022!

X49™ Product Education Blood samples to measure AHK-Cu concentrations were taken at baseline, 24 hours and at 7 days of wearing the patch. A sample of convenience of 10 subjects made up of both men and women aged 40-81 were selected to participate in one study. One study revealed that there were trends towards increases […]


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