Adult Acne Treatment

Adult Acne Treatment

LED Skin Care "light years ahead of the rest"

Are you ready to get serious about tackling your acne, once and for all?  If so, we are here to help.

What makes us different from all the rest?  We work from the “Inside Out” targeting oil, bacteria and sticky, stubborn skin cells that keep you from clear skin and  without harsh chemicals or drugs.

By following our prescribed home care, and time tested successful protocols and treatments your pimples will be washing away in the shower!  No joke.

Experiencing our JUMP START program shows you just how effective our program works.   Then all you do from here is maintain your acne.  Unfortunately, it’s coming back.

Our program is back by tried, true tested protocols and science.  Science is what truly sets our spa apart from all the rest.  Learn more about the science behind LED here.Blue & Red LED light treatments

Blue LED lights kill acne bacteria beneath the skins surface without  drugs, downtime or side effects!
Red LED lights purge, shrinks, and disinfect pores while fading discoloration FAST!  “Red gets rid of Red”
IR LED helps with inflammation, scarring and age spots without the down time and healing associated with lasers.

Dr. Goldberg tells Dermatology Times.  “In addition, LED treatments can be used with all skin colors, a fact not true about many other laser or light-based treatments, and because LED treatments promote no thermal effect (heat), they cannot scar,  a fact not true about any other laser or light-based treatment,”Blue LED light for Acne

LED for Acne

LED for Eczema

LED for Psoriasis

LED for Rosacea


Hand help LED lights


Hand held LED devices are no match for Clinical Strength LED light treatments, but work great if you are on the road.


You have tried it all and you all have the same response“I’m just sick of this acne, nothing works”.



If you always do what you have always done, shopping at the local store and getting advice from a “sales person” you’ll continue losing the war on your acne.   Getting advice from a professional who teaches you about your acne triggers, and how seasons and age affect acne, you’ll end up with a counter full of products.  So Book a consultation today and get onto the road of clear skin!

Understanding acne triggers.
* Heat
* Stress
* Hormones
* Hydration (water only)
* Cleansing your face morning and night
* Clean your cell phone and sun glasses with alcohol
* Change your pillow case each night
* Avoid old sweaty hats, sweat bands, Football helmets,  etc.  Make sure they are clean before your put them on.
All play a critical role in controlling acne breakouts.
> Heat – the hotter it is the more oil and bacteria you produce in your pores and bacteria feast on oil
> Stress – the more stress you are under the more hormones you produce and
> Hormones – stimulate oil production, this is why rest and relaxation are so critical
> Diet – White Foods:  Sugar, Flour, Dairy etc. are triggers for acne
> Hydration – the more hydrated you are the better, it will dilute hormones in your blood
> Cleaning your face with a acne wash that is not too drying, dry skin promotes more oil production
> Clean your cell phone and glasses, you sweat, it touches your face, bacteria gets spread around
> Clean pillow cases each night prevents the spread of bacteria from the night before
> This is a big one.  How often do you sweat in a hat or sweat band and not wash it before you put it on your head?  Bacteria are just waiting to jump off the ol’ sweaty hat and get into your pores.
OK so those are some things you can do to help right away…Here is the 21st century offering from the LED Skin Care Spa. LED!

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