Month: June 2017

Wrinkles and collagen

Fast absorbing collagen Fast absorbing collagen is the next generation advanced skin science to reduce the enzyme that makes your skin age!   Improves your skin’s hydration by adding Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and skin firming collagen.  HA, the water retaining molecule depletes starting age 5 and continues to decline as we age.   Liquid Collagen  has been […]


Modere Vigor

Modere Vigor Why we WANT more Vigor – Listen 26 minutes to learn why you want more Vigor! Anti-Aging that’s been around for over 3000 years – stood the test of time! > Clean up and Clean out > Take daily if over 40 years old > Name the “anti” and it covers it:  anti […]


Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson

Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson  Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis sees Rosacea as an internal and digestion issue.   At the LED Skin Care Spa, we see skin as a true reflection of your inner health and agree with Dr. Johnson.  We  address the internal issues of why skin is red, inflamed, broken out, wrinkled, […]


Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Sebaceous Hyperplasia Do you or someone you know have it? What does it look like, do I have it? It (they) looks like a little donuts on the face and could show up anywhere on the body, especially if you are an oily skin type.  I typically find them on the face:  Forehead, […]


Osmosis Wellness Water Plano, Tx

Osmosis Wellness Water Plano, Tx “Tune” your body into balance with Osmosis Wellness Water, get yours here at LED Skin Care Spa in Plano, Tx.  Imagine a Water that has been charged with a frequency that resonates with specific cells of the body.  Each cell (organ) of the body has a specific frequency or energy […]


Trim by Modere

Trim by Modere Trim A must have during and after your weight loss program.  Why?  What happens to your muscles and skin  after a weight loss program?  Or worse yet, a lifetime of “yoyo” dieting?  Your skin is left looking: *Dehydrated *Wrinkled *Saggy Sadly, each diet leaves you with less muscle because as you deplete your […]


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