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Hair Loss Cure?  Yes!  We have prove, tested safe, non-toxic “Botanicals” that grow your hair!
LED for hair growth and hair loss!
Understanding hair loss and hair growth
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Anyway you look at it, hair compliments your face, your style, and your look.  It’s only when you begin to count the hairs in your comb and in the shower do you really take notice of losing your hair.

Many things cause hair loss and I believe it begins with your hydration, nutrition and life style.

Hydration is key to every organ in your body – without water your bodily systems begin to lose their ability to function optimally. I am not promoting this water system, but it is a good overview of water and your hair

Nutrition or the lack of good basic nutrition can cause hair to fall out.  Many people who crash diet or diet excessively can lose their hair.  Also hormone issues can cause hair loss.  Also I have been seeing many women who experience hair loss from testosterone.

Lifestyle.  Basically are you getting enough sleep?  When you sleep your body restores all your bodily functions.  Make sure to drink 10 top 20 ounces of water 1st thing in morning, you dehydrate when you sleep.




shine-the-light-on-hair-growthAre you one of the many who are suffering from Stunted, Thinning, Balding  Hair Growth issues?  Have you tried every over the counter (OTC) product on the market trying to regrow your hair?  Are you diligently searching the Internet for answers and a baldness cure?   Well, you are not alone. There are millions of men and women, young and old battling the potential of full onset baldness and graying hair.  Well we’ve got answers, real answers that grow hair without surgery, toxic drugs or irritating topicals.  You search can end here.  we offer several solutions.


Hair loss effects our self-esteem, our social life, confidence in work situations and in some cases depression, while leaving you with the look of a high forehead.  In light of hair loss, a high forehead is a sign of intelligence and that could be regarded a good thing in some societies.

Unfortunately, thinning hair, hair loss and ultimately balding issues make us look older, even though you have a rock hard body, thinning hair gives us the appearance of slowing down and growing old.

Here at LED Skin Care, restoring ones youthful appearance is what we do, from the Inside Out.  We offer non-toxic, safe, solutions for hair loss.  Yes, it takes time to restore your hair growth, but losing it took time too.

The benefits of our hair loss solution not only stimulate hair grow, eliminate wrinkles, clear up your acne AND,  it stimulates brain health.  Wow, imagine increased blood flow to the brain, effecting any damaged brain cells, specifically the mitochondria (our cells battery) to produce more ATP.  This is huge, huge!  Would you like to be a sharper thinker, exercise your brain, forge new neural networks AND grow your hair at the same time?  Then begin to grow your hair with us.

LED for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss was reported at the 2002 4th Annual Meeting of the Japan Light Therapy Association to increase both hair growth and density of the hair follicles where LED lights had been treating both male and female hair loss from stress Alopecia andAlopecia Areata.  Only one failure out of 240 cases was reported.

So, reclaim your youthful appearance, self esteem and brain capacity!  Call us  today for a Free Consultation today!Hair-Bulb-red-and-blue-vessels2

LED light treatments for hair loss and balding issues benefit the body in so many ways, as we have linked above.   Hair growth happens fast for some and for others it takes longer. The more compliant you are to the protocol, the faster the results. Treatments are painless and stimulate dormant hair follicles to begin their hair growth cycle.

First in the Line up is Hydration.  Being hydrated is not only important for your overall health, but it’s vitally important for your hair to grow.

In the beginning, babies are  78% water when they are born. However, as  we age we lose the ability to hold water.  If you are someone who drinks caffeinated drinks to wake up or stay alert during the day you may be doing your body a disservice because caffeine can act as a diuretic.

Your Blood is 92% water,  and that  it delivers LIFE GIVING oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb will help you understand how important water is to the hair root and bulb .  It is suggested we drink half our body weight in ounces daily, just to stay hydrated.

Example: a 100 pound person drinks 50 ounces of water daily. Water only, not coffee, tea or soda, just water.

By the age of 5, Hyaloronic acid which is know for its ability to hold water diminishes.  If you can find a Hyaloronic Acid Souce you might be able to not only eliminate wrinkles, dry skin, painful joints, but it might help you keep your hair!


Hair grows in Three Stages.  It grows, detaches and falls out, returning to the anagen, growing stage.

How does LED work on regrowing your hair? Much like working out, consistency pays off.  In the beginning of a workout your have to show up, work out, eat right, hydrate and rest to achieve fast results.  Slower results happen when you miss your work out, eat junk and don’t sleep, etc..

LED light treatments work in the same way, we call LED “Gym for the Hair”, a weekly workout routine for hair growth.

We recommend the following:

*  Exposure.
Two to Three LED light exposures per week for the 1st Eight weeks.
*  Hydrate.
Hydration is key, LED lights are attracted to the water inside your cells, so drink up.
*  Rest..
Relax and de-stress as much as possible.  Stress can cause hair loss.
*  Other resources include:  Shampoos, Supplements, and Tropicals.


Hand held LED devices, LED caps, LED combs and such, are no match for our 1500 ATP stimulating, hair growing LED lights.  However, we do suggest these devices if traveling and have no access to our LED light exposure.  It’s like, you showed up to the gym, walked the jogging track and left.  Yes you did “something” but not enough to change your physique and yes, you will grow your hair, in time.

Growth-through-transplant-scarWith over 9000 scientific studies
and review papers on LED for hair growth, acne, skin rejuvenation and more you can’t deny the science.  LED Skin Care basis all our products and services upon is, science, we don’t buy into the “hype” of many things on the market today.

If you are one of the many who have done a hair transplant, there has been “some” success growing back hair through the transplant scar.  We believe it’s because the root was not completely removed.

Whether your suffer from male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness the research is in.  LED’s grow hair!



How LED’s work to regrow hair!


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This is why I do what I do.  Hope, Happiness and Real Results!


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