Plano Body Wraps

Plano Body Wraps

Our wrap(s) are an add-on to your treatment and IS NOT a full body wrap(s).  It is a site specific wrap:  Tummy, Arms, Legs, Love handles, Fatty back.  etc.  We start with one and see how your feel.  You can feel nauseous, light headed, sluggish, and tired after this wrap.  You must drink water with this/these wraps.

No Surgery, No Bruising, No Downtime only Results with Plano Body Wraps.  Shrink, Tighten & Tone!!!  And NOT just WATER LOSS! Plano Body Wrap on Tummy

We practice slow but steady progressive weight and inch loss for lasting, lifetime results.  This study shows that Liposuction is the “Quick Fix” but not the Real Fix.  See results of study here.  Think twice before resorting to a quick fix solution.  Good or Bad  results can last your lifetime.

Results vary based on age, health, hydration, alkalinity, stress, diet and your belief it can work for you.

Plano body wraps come from Europe, that have been tried, true and tested, delivering results for over 50 years and were formulated by a 3rd generation herbalist who was awarded a noble prize in herbal composition.  We feel our wraps are revolutionary and will change YOU and the wrap industry all together.

Imagine a body wrap that continues to work in and on your body over the next 3 days, cleansing, tightening, and toning the skin as you shrink!

If what you are looking for is a quick fix, we’re not the body wrap you want, LED Skin Care –  Plano Body Wraps a NOT a “Quick Fix” solution.   Our body wrap(s) work with you and your efforts to clean up your diet, getting alkalized, to deliver real, lasting results.

In our opinion, body wraps that offer you a “QUICK FIX”  are mainly water loss.  Water loss to us, is unhealthy, and puts the body into stress called dehydration.  Most people today are already dehydrated, and by adding a dehydrating body wrap that gives you “QUICK” inch loss is just WATER LOSS, and not true inch (fat) loss.

If what you want are continued, lasting results, and you’re willing to work with us  towards your weight and inch loss goals, then we are what you are looking for.  If you choose to use us for your wrap experience you must be hydrated before you wrap.  If you are not a WATER DRINKER, these wraps WILL NOT deliver the results you are wanting.

Water is what will move the toxins stored from your fat cells  out of your body for real, lasting results.  So, if you are serious about getting results, and you understand the full effect of the wrap will continue over the next 3 days, and that you must drink water to help your body get alkalized (acidic bodies hold onto fat), then our solution will work for you.                                                              

Skin tighteing

These wraps are so effective that we must start with just one area at a time when targeting fat, typically the tummy.   If you are going to feel the effects of the wrap (headache, nausea – you are not drinking enough water) you would most likely feel them with the tummy wrap.  IF you are drinking enough water you should not feel any side effects.  Why? These wraps can be so effective at pulling toxins from the body that many people feel nauseous after the 1st wrap, this means you are FULL of TOXINS and we must proceed slowly.  Results get better and better with each wrap! But you also must make better foo choices and drink plenty of water too

The face and neck wraps plump, hydrate, lift and tone, as you can see, and can be done at the same time with a tummy wrap.

LED Skin Care Spa for Wrinkles

We offer affordable, safe alternatives to Surgery, Injections and Aggressive “Skin Thinning” Treatments.

Skin thins & dehydrates as you age, so keeping the skin healthy and hydrated as you lose fat is a much safer, more effective alternative…. you’ll learn more at your consultation.

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