Month: January 2018

Dogs with arthritis Click here to see what a difference 45 days can make!!! – Oh yeah!!! Dogs can live pain free!  Without steroids.  Try Liquid BioCell for Pets first, before you put your dogs on organ liquefying autoimmune drugs.   See what a natural supplement can do (37 clinical studies and 7 patents) at changing the way our joints, […]



Who is Dr. Chris Shade? Why PrimeMybody? What is CB1 and CB2? How does hemp feed our Hormone, Immune, and Nervous Systems? See the Video Below – get your notebook for a great education Hemp Oil aka CBD Oil Here’s a Find It Fast Index: 2:15 Why is PrimeMyBody the best cannabinoid solution? 3:08 Dr Chris […]


Hemp Oil aka CBD oil

In the video below Dr. Chris Shade addresses PrimeMyBody affiliates and shares the some chemistry of his ‘new’ Hemp Oil designed exclusively for PrimeMyBody. Who is Dr. Chris Shade Why Prime My Body? What is CB1 and CB2 receptors What is Hemp Oil and how does it work in the body’s Nervous, Immune and Hormonal […]


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