Beauty Sleep

Are you getting enough Sleep aka Beauty Sleep?

Missing sleep affects your Beauty Sleep and…..
* Your Immune System
* The Ability to burn fat and calories
* Causes “brain fog” or memory issues
* Makes you cranky
* Makes you look older
* Even potential for heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes!

Sleeping allows your body to recharge, repair, and reset every cell in your body.  So if you want to wake up refreshed and ready for the day get your sleep, we call it “Beauty Sleep”.

Yes, every cell in your body is affected when you are sleep deprived.  Cells make tissues, tissues make organs and your organs make up your systems.  So the next time you want to give someone a hard time for sleeping so much, providing they are healthy, cheer them on.  They’re getting their “Beauty Sleep”

Here are some great tips for sleeping preparing for sleep and getting a restful nights sleep.  Start with one new idea, implement it, and when that gets easy, add one more step…

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5 Easy steps….more in the article above…

1. Sleep in complete darkness
2. Reserve your bed just for sleeping
3. Establish sleep hygiene
4. Get the temperature right
5. Get to bed as early as possible

If you still can’t follow this steps and you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day then call us for a SoQi Massage, aka Power Nap, aka Beauty Sleep.  30 minutes or 60 minutes could make all the difference in your day.  Yes, Call us today and schedule your “Power Nap” to get your condensed Beauty Sleep.  One hour on our SoQi bed is a major “Reset” or “Recharge” for your whole body.  Learn more here!

Lastly, You can change your life (sleep) when you change your mind.  You can purchase Ellen’s sleep CD on her site or pick one up at our shop.  Either  way changing your subconscious thoughts about sleeping will change your ability to have a good nights sleep too.

See you in the morning, wide eyed and refreshed!  Wake up Refreshed



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