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Leave a great First Impression
with a glowing complexion with an
LED Glow Facial

Vicki Knutson owner and founder of LED skin Care
Vicki Knutson owner and founder of LED Skin Care

Science Based skin care and Treatments for real Results from the Inside Out. 

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LED for skin rejuvenation
Insdie Out skin rejuvenation for acne and anti-aging – see how here!

Science based skin care since 2007.  Make your best First Impression with our most requested signature, 60 minute LED Glow Facial,  and leave them with a “glowing” memory of you!
Book under “Facial with LED” hereAcne, Large Pores, Redness, Wrinkles,  Dry weathered skin BE GONE!

Back Facial
We’ve got your back too! 
Back Facials are in high demandBook an LED Glow Back Facial here, under body treatments for a smoother, brighter back, acne free back!

Don’t forget to add a Tummy Wrap  thigh wrap, back wrap or arm wrap during your treatment!

LED Skin Care Spa practices true white paper science skin care. Delivering Acne clearing and Anti-Aging results with NO downtime, irritation or needed recovery.
LED Skin Care Plano

Stem Cell activation in a patch!
Apply one daily and begin your rejuvenation journey.  Learn more here

iHeRQueles – Life is in the Blood
Clean your blood, clean your liver – Learn more here


How LED light treatments change the skin…
Our body thrives and regenerates with light.  LED light treatments penetrate below the skin’s surface turning on cellular regeneration.  End results are tighter, firmer, acne free skin.

However, using the proper wave length, light intensity (clinical strength LED) exposure, skin cells WAKE UP and act youthful again.   Unfortunately hand held devices, masks and floppy LED light treatments are no match for our clinical strength LED treatments.  The science is clear that only Blue, Red and IR LED light treatments deliver real change from the “Inside Out”.
LED Skin Care Spa


It’s time to clear the air!   Scientific Proof  we’re killing it!Diffuse Therapeutic grade oil
How do you Clear/Clean the air of bacteria, mold, and fungus?  It’s never too late to Look back at history and refer to nature!

We suggest you avoid things that are man made, typically made with toxic chemicals – ever get a headache from a car freshener or a bathroom that has those automatic spray aerosol air freshener?

Order your Therapeutic Grade Oils Here! to receive 24% off oil purchases
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Please consider NOT using:
> Plug ins – very toxic to you, your family and animals.
> Man made aerosol sprays
> Car fresheners – one of the worst!
> Disinfecting sprays – look at the ingredients
> Perfumed …anything, so toxic
> Candles – euh, black soot  – yep that goes right into your lungs…just saying
> Bath bombs – omg!  your pores are wide open and you are absorbing so many toxic chemicals.

Just because it says “natural or organic”, buyer beware.   Learn more here .

Anti Aging LED Skin Care Spa

We care about PETS too
+ Animals don’t lie
+ Rashes, Pain & Anti-Aging!

+ Works fast!
+ Meet the Gang, we’re walking again!
+ Help our four legged children
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Public Service Announcement…

Help us build an awareness to rescue  penned and captative (Sea World) dolphins and whales.  Will you help spread the word?  All we ask is that you avoid Sea World and swimming with captive dolphins/animals.  Don’t you believe they belong free in the open sea – their home and natural habitat?

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Led Skin  Care offers state of the art facial treatment services at an affordable price! The owner is authentic, invested in each of her clients and graciously builds her business from a place of healing and rejuvenation of body and soul. You must see for yourself!
Lindsay F. ~ Plano, Tx

Vicki Knutson Dermalogica Expert Plus








Many tell me this is not the same person.  I am here to tell you it is.  This is an example of our inside out transformation. Consistency is the key.   Father time never stops working so we too must be diligent  and  consistent in our efforts to push back father time.   At LED Skin Care we help you how to stay ahead of acne and aging skin.  Imagine.  No expensive surgery, downtime or recovery.  You just better!

Even crepey knees!  Head to toe, Inside Out transformation at LED Skin Care Spa.

Crepey Knees


Turkey Neck

Scarring - thyroid Surgery


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