What is a SoQi Massage?  The best power nap around  
So means Solar
Qi means Life Force,  providing a natural healing from within.

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Imagine receiving a:
> Relaxing energic lymphatic massage
> Mini spinal alignment
> 30 minute non impact aerobic workout
> Enhance nitric oxide production
> Stimulate your metabolism
> Burn 900 calories in 60 minutes
Fully clothed (work out shorts, tank or sports bra or swim suit), flat on your back and never touched!

What others are saying….
“That was the deepest, relaxing hour I have ever had”
“I feel so uphoric, I can’t explain it”
“My knees….hey, they are not hurting”
“I feel like jello,  I am so relaxed”
“My lower back is not hurting, incredible”
“What is this thing called again?”
“How ofter can I do this?”
I wonder what you will say?

Results from this treatment continue for 3 days.  Drinking water before and after this treatment will enhance your results.