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How do you Clear/Clean the air of bacteria, mold, and fungus? ” It’s never too late to Look back at history and refer to nature!

We suggest you avoid things that are man made,
typically made with toxic chemicals.

If you ever get a headache from a “OIL”
or a car freshener or a bathroom freshener,
is letting your know,
that oil/fragrance is mixed with toxins.

Diffuse Therapeutic grade oil

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Please consider NOT using:
> Plug ins – very toxic to you, your family and animals.
> Man made aerosol sprays
> Car fresheners – one of the worst!
> Disinfecting sprays – look at the ingredients
> Perfumed …anything, so toxic
> Candles – euh, black soot  – yep that goes right into your lungs
> Bath bombs – omg!  your pores are wide open and you are absorbing so many toxic chemicals.  We do have liver supporting products to detox and clean your liver if you have been using these products.

Just because it says “natural or organic”, buyer beware.   Learn more here .