“Life is in the blood”  Imagine a detox that works without making your sick or feeling bad!

Well, it’s a new day and a new way to detox without deprivation, special diets, pills or potions.  Learn how and why your body breaks down via chemicals and radiation exposure and how this combination is changing our gene expression, which leads to our young getting old age diseases.
Did you know:
>  Newborns are born with 200 chemicals in their bodies?
>   27 year olds are suffering heart attacks?
>  Before you leave your bathroom each day you have been chemically exposed with…..?
>  The Effects of one cup of coffee or tea each day?
>  That when you expose your body to GMO food, chemicals, etc. your Red Blood Cells constrict trying to protect your body from exposure?
Learn all this and more….
this next 20 minutes could change your life and the life of your loved ones forever!

7 minutes listen here >>>  What is Liquid Gold?
+ 40 potent plant food extract
s – contamination free
+ What does it do?
+ Sepsis aka blood poisoning – more people die from Sepsis than cancer
+ Purges blood of toxins
+ Why do you need Liquid GoldRx?
> ….Because you have been exposed to toxins (air, water, food, medications, etc.) 
+ Clean blood = healthy body

+ How Often should you take it?  4 squirts daily, before a meal is best.
+ New Red Blood Cells replenish and rebuild every 120 days 
+ The Liver can also rebuild every 4 months, but that depends on how toxic it is.

How can you get it?  Orders take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to receive, via mail.  
Order Here >>> www.nuxtrax.com/ledskincare
Liquid Gold 
Red blood cells regenerate every 4 months
Suggested servings are 15 minutes BEFORE you EAT. This opens your cells to receive the nutrition and flush out any toxins within your cells.  Drink water to help your body flush and clean.  Drink 1/2 your body wt. daily in water.  100 pounds – drink 50 oz. daily.

Order 1 bottle – 4 squirts with any meal (largest meal better) 1 time daily – sent monthly 
Results will take longer to achieve, but a little protection is better than no protection.  
Or for the optimal cleanse and detox
1st month – 4 bottles, 4 squirts, 4 times daily
2nd month – 3 bottle, 4 squirts, 3 times daily
3rd month – 2 bottles, 4 squirts, 2 times daily
4th month – 1 bottle, 4 squirts, with largest meal of the day
120 days later, your blood has been cleansed and liver is working optimally.  Healthy changes begin pretty rapidly.  Think of anything to do with inflammation beginning to clearn up.  Keep a journal of your transformation.  Even take a picuture, yep, anti-aging involved here too.  Telemeres get longer…Get a test here!
Now your are ready for maintenance.  f1 bottle, 4 squirts with any meal, largest is best, for the rest of your life.  
Typically what happens when you eat something that is toxic, the cells read the toxins in our food and water, the cells will then constrict, not allowing any nutrition to be received.  Slowly we become malnourished and attempt to supplement to make up our losses…well, this is about to change too.  You’lll soon see you might not need as much supplementation.  You can get a base line blod test of your vitamin and mineral needs here Life Extension.
Talk to a consultant at Life Extenstion, they will direct you as to what blood work you’ll need.  LAB Corp or Quest  draws the blood, which ever place does blood draws in your area.