If hair loss, aging skin, brain fog, pain with every step, lack of energy, bone and joint issues burden you daily, or run in your family, consider using the Stem Cell Patch.  Clinical Studies, Patents and Blood work prove these patches do what others are saying they do…but you’ll never know unless you, yourself give them a try.  This Patented Stem Cell Activation via a patch has been around for decades!  Watch this 2 minute video to understand how they work.

There are several patches.  However, to begin your Stem Cell Patch Journey, start with the X39 patch.  As time goes on you an introduce the other patches.Hair growth and stem cell patch

X39 Stem Cell Patch.
X49 Patch as of January 2022

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Traditional Stem Cell Therapy costs and options or you can try the patch.


“Patch it” and enjoy better:  jowls and stem cell patch
+ Sleep
+ Energy
+ Cognitive abilities
+ Strength
+ Recovery
+ Muscle growth
+ Reduced inflammation
+ Stronger immune system
+ Better Mood
+ Weight Loss
+ Appetite Control
+ Relieve pain
+ Fast Wound healingstem cell patch on horses
+ Hair growth
+ Firmer, tighter skin…..

You NOW have two choices for Stem Cell Activation:
1. Traditional Stem Cell therapy
2. Stem Cell activation via a patch.



Benefit by igniting your own stem cells in via a patch.  I know, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the idea, but the technology has been around for almost two decades.   Give the patch a little time and watch and feel it work from the  “Inside Out”.

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A Simple Story About How X39® Stem Cell Activation
​Advanced Technology Patches Work!

When you are in the sun, the light from the sun signals the body to increase Vitamin D production in your body.   The X39® patch does not need the sun. We are 98.6 degrees on a cold day. We emit light and heat.

how the patch works…….The light we emit is reflected off the X39® patch back into the body after the organic crystals in the X39® patch changes the wavelength of the light in a process called photobiomodulation. The new ‘wavelength of light’ then signals the body to increase the production of a copper peptide that has been proven to increase Stem Cell Activity and to reset your Stem Cells to a younger, healthier state.

This is new Stem Cell Activity that we have been losing as we age (ALMOST 50% loss by age 30 and OVER 90% loss by age 60) with additional loss occurring due to exposure to all the electronics in our lives. Over 30?  Just listen to how the patch works on older bodies.  X39 + X49 work together!

As the newly active, younger, and healthier Stem Cells, the repair cells of the body, go to work you receive all the full-body age reversal and health & wellness benefits of the X39® patch!

It’s that Simple and that Complex!
And it’s a Clinically-Proven Science Fact!