This program allows you to purchase your patches at wholesale.  In additon, sample other patches for free, earn loyalty reward points, and earn points by telling family and freinds.

Here are the FOUR Great Reasons to become a Preferred Customer and receive wholesale pricing.
One time Sign up of $19.95  to receive wholesale pricing on your monthly subscription/order and all 4 great reasons to become a Preferred Customer kick in.  

#1.  20% off the Preferred Customer Introductory Kit (Bronze or Silver or Gold). Optional one time purchase.  Great for families who have more than one person trying the patches.

#2.  Receive a 15 piece sleeve each month for 5 months and on the 6th month receive a full pack (30 pieces) of your choice.

#3.  Earn Loyalty Rewards/Points/$ with each monthly subscription (order).

#4.  Earn a Free Stem Cell (30 piece) sleeve when  YOUR Friends and Family become customer and they refer 3 people to use the Stem Cell Patch,  this generates $300 or 6 people x $50 who generate $300. Yes,  you will earn points on these same 3 people each month.

How to SIGN up and MORE details below

#1. This is optionional.  Receive 20% off one of the kits below (one time offer for newbees).   

Bronze $199.99 Silver$299.99 Gold $399.99
X39 1 2 3
Aeon 1 2 2
Glutathione 1 1 1
Ice Wave N/A N/A 1

#2. Receive a 15 piece sleeve sample each month – stop the monthly, and the program stops. This is a Great Way to experience the other patches for free. 
Yes, you must maintain your monthly shipment to participate and benefit from this program for 6 months.
Month 1 – 6 – click on the Patch for a description of each Stem Cell Patch. 
3  Ice Wave
Silent Night
6  Free 30 piece sleeve of your choice

#3. Earn Loyalty Rewards/Points/$ towards FUTURE purchases.
Order each month and build your Rewards/Points/$.
Stopping your monthly, ends reward points and you start all over again.
Review your loyalty points anytime in your back office.

#4. Share your Stem Cell Patch Experience with family and friends and earn FREE patches!   It’s called the “3 and Free” Incentive.
+ When $300 in combined purchases (min. of 3 people) is achieved from your family and friends, you earn a $100 credit for the following month for patches!
+ Yes! and those “same people” who earn you your credits can qualify  you each month for free patches!

And Yes, your family and friends can have all these benefits too when they are using these LIFE CHANGING stem cell patches…you benefit and they benefit.  Win, Win!

Just look at these stores of people and pets….Feel free to share this info.  People are hurting and resorting to crazier options that might not be so healthy and are definitely MORE EXPENSIVE.  See for yourself these LIFE changing experiences.... they are on Facebook  

Here is how you sign up to become a Preferred Customer here to get started 

  1.  Click on “Products” – start with X-39 (it will say $149.95 – don’t worry, it changes) scroll down and you will see quantity then add to cart

  2.  the Preferred Customer Program pops up…you have a choice to pay retail $149.95 or choice the “Preferred Customer – PC”, Click on Save Now for PC program.

  3. Add your monthly subscription.

  4. Go to the TOP right hand side, you will see your shopping cart. Click on it.

  5. Check out, fill in all fields and you’re ready to get started.

Give your Patches 7 days for delivery.
Here is our Customer Service Number, they are in Utah/Utah hours. Open 8am Central Monday-Friday.  866-202-0065